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How to Clean the House: 10 Easy Home Cleaning Tricks

You may find it difficult to maintain order and cleanliness at home or you just hate doing housework.

In any case, we want to show you how you can get your home spotless without taking a lot of time or effort.

By following our advice, you will not only have results that will surprise you, but you will also achieve comfort and well-being.

And all this, without having to spend a day’s work in an exhausting cleaning battle.

10 simple tricks to do a good house cleaning


1. Ventilate the rooms

A simple gesture such as opening the windows to ventilate the house is essential to renew the air inside and make it smell clean.

Keeping the windows open for 10 minutes will be enough. You can do it while making the bed, taking a shower, having breakfast… Thus, without realizing it, you will be promoting the hygiene of your home.

2. Make the bed daily

Making the bed is a task that will only take up 5 minutes of your time, but it will be key to making your room look cleaner and neater.

In addition, when you enter your bedroom to rest after a hard day’s work, you will feel better and you will only have to lie down, instead of having to adjust the sheets before going to sleep.


3. Scrub after every meal

The kitchen is, together with the bathroom, the room in the house that accumulates the most dirt.

However, to prevent clutter and dirt from taking over it, it is important that you do not leave dishes, pans, and pots in the sink.

Get into the habit of scrubbing right after every meal and keeping your countertop clear and clean. This way you will have a more pleasant feeling every time you enter the kitchen.

Ultimately, it is something you will have to do sooner or later. So, don’t wait to run out of plates or cutlery!


4. Keep the fridge clean

This point is not only important for a cleanliness issue, your health can be affected by the state in which your refrigerator is.

To have an impeccable fridge:

  • Start by throwing out expired products and those that smell bad.
  • Run a cloth over the shelves and drawers.
  • Organize the interior so that the most frequently used products are the most accessible.


5. Dry the bathroom after you shower

To keep your bathroom looking clean, you don’t need to clean it daily. What you do have to do every day are small gestures, such as removing the drops and traces of lime that are deposited on the taps, the screen and the mirror.

After showering or using the sink, get in the habit of drying the shower enclosure and taps with a microfiber cloth and using a squeegee for the windows. This will easily remove those annoying drops that give a neglected appearance to your bathroom.


6. Remove unnecessary clutter and put the rest in its place

“Less is more” is a maxim that really works to maintain order and cleanliness in the home.

Dispense with the objects, clothes and utensils that you do not use will leave free spaces so that everything is in the right place.

In addition, it will also make it easier for you to clean much faster by having the space clear.


7. Pick up and put away clothes

Having the folding clothesline in the middle of the living room or a mountain of clothes in a corner of the house does not help to maintain the aspect of order that we want to achieve.

The correct process for clothes is: wash, dry and put them in place.

If you get used to doing it in this order, you will also avoid wrinkling or staining.

In addition, picking up and storing your clothes at the indicated moment will save you a lot of time and you will avoid doing marathons that tend to be lazier.


8. Sweep, vacuum and mop the floor often

Don’t wait to see lint fluttering freely around your house to sweep or vacuum.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it instead of the broom, because this will prevent dust from rising and settling on the furniture.

After vacuuming, use the mop to disinfect and remove stains from the floor.


9. Remove the accumulated dust

Another of the maxims of cleaning is to remove dust from every corner of the house starting from the top to bottom, and it has its logic. If you clean the lower surfaces first, when you remove the dust from the upper areas, it will re-deposit on the already cleaned surfaces.


10. Wash and change upholstery, curtains, covers and bedding periodically

Not only should you change the bedding regularly, the curtains and sofa covers or cushions also accumulate dust and dirt, so it is necessary that you wash them periodically:

  • Bedding is what you should wash most frequently, it would be recommended once a week.
  • The curtains should be washed every two or three months. Frequent vacuuming is also recommended to reduce dust build-up.


What do you need to clean the house?

Before cleaning, it is advisable that you have on hand all the utensils and cleaning products that you will need:

  • For floors: broom and dustpan for a quick sweep, vacuum cleaner for a more thorough cleaning, a special mop for wooden floors, and a mop.
  • For furniture and glass: rags or cloths, duster and specific cleaning products for each surface.
  • For the bathroom: gloves, scouring pad and cloth specially indicated for this area of ​​the house, bleach or another disinfectant product for the toilet, brush and specialized products for glazed surfaces and tiles.
  • For the kitchen: gloves, scouring pads and cloths specially indicated for this corner of the home, products to clean the hob and oven, dishwasher and a garbage can.


Tips so that cleaning costs you less

You already know the tricks and the basic products you need to clean. Follow these tips so cleaning is not a heavy and tedious task.


Avoid cleaning marathons

If you want to clean your house, don’t spend a whole day on it, not even a few hours at a time, as it will be exhausting and you will end up hating doing housework even more.

Rachel Hoffman’s 10/20 Method (20-minute cleaning and 10-minute rest) is a great option to start getting your home up to speed without getting overwhelmed.

Do a little each day and you will see that, without realizing it, you will have a clean house.


Have cleaning supplies handy

You will save a lot of work and effort if you have all the necessary elements and products for cleaning.


Start with the area that is most difficult for you to clean

Because that way it won’t be so heavy for you. Start with the largest room, the one that gets you the laziest or the dirtiest one. The point is, when you’re done, don’t feel frustrated or exhausted. While you clean, you must go ordering and placing each object in its corresponding place.


Clean from top to bottom

This advice is valid for cleaning the dust, ordering the cabinets or if you have a two-floor house. This will prevent the dirt from above from re-depositing in the lower areas.


Get used to putting everything in its place

If you get into the habit of putting every item you use immediately in its place, you will maintain order. Thus, cleaning will be easier and faster by having all the spaces clear.


Throw away everything you don’t need

Accumulating objects, papers, clothes … is a very frequent habit that has no use. They are only there to take up space and contribute to maintaining chaos, since what we do not use routinely usually goes to the drawer of oblivion.


Remove stains the moment they occur

If you let them dry, you will have to invest time, effort and more products than if you remove them at once. This will only take a few minutes and, with very little work, you will have cleaned up the stain.


Store seasonal clothes

It is the best way to maintain order and cleanliness in the cabinets. You will have the closet clear and you can quickly visualize the clothes you need.


Do the ironing in several sessions

If you tend to fold your clothes when you pick them up from the clothesline, you will avoid ironing more than one item. Try not to accumulate a lot of clothes to iron and, if it is unavoidable, it is advisable that you iron in several shifts so that it does not become a heavy task.



We are aware that cleaning the house is an obligation that many of us put off over time. When we decide to get down to business, it becomes a world for us and we really don’t know where to start.

Do not panic! With a little will, a little time and a few new habits, it is possible to keep our homes free of dirt and in order.



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