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A lunch bag is a tool that is used to carry food. Lunch pail has been used worldwide for centuries. Different food cultures use lunch bags in their lives daily. They give them names in their languages. Japan, India, and Asia are major examples, wherein lunchbox use is common. In Japanese, the lunch bag is called “bento”, in Indian “dabbawalla”, and in Turkish, it is “sefertası”. While the bento takes the presentation of the food in the foreground, Indian and Turkish lunchboxes are more focused on functionality. However, these products have their stackable and modularity as common points. Another example of lunch bags is children’s lunch bags, which are often influenced by popular culture. The lunch bag is a tool kit which able to store up food or meal for later


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Lunch bag can protect the food from dust as well as water and delaying the time of the food becomes spoilt. The concept of lunch bag has been around for very long and less information is known on who did invent it, but it plays a significant role in our life especially during work or school. School children use the lunch bag to pack lunch or snack prepared at home by their family. A common modern form of lunch bag appeared in small case with clasp, handle and it is usually printed with colorful image based on children show or film character, for example, Superman, Snoopy, ultra-man, etc. For working adult, they mostly prefer using plain aluminum or tin made lunch bag.

Disadvantages of vinyl lunch bags

There are certain health issues regarding the use of vinyl lunch box. Center for Environmental Health discovered that many popular vinyl lunch boxes contained dangerously high levels of lead in 2002. Many manufacturers begin inspecting their product lead lever and labeled lead free. Studies have shown certain plastic made plastic Lunch box Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate from biphenyl will cause certain disease, and one of which is believed to be cancer.  All lunch boxes should undergo safety standard rule for food container before commercial use. The right use of the lunch box and plastic container will prevent the unfortunate incident. Improper dispose of lunch box will contribute to the pollution which will endanger ecology. Some plastic made lunch box will not dispose easily and will bring harm to the animal and aquatic once being consumed. All users should have environmental awareness and understand the circumstance. However, lunch box evolves from time to time and even now it still plays an important role in human life having a great bond with human activity.

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stainless steel thermal lunch box an environmentally friendly thermal lunch box that can be used in everyday life. The thermal lunch box that utilizes the thermodynamic effect for heat transfer through the box to obtain the freshness of meal in longer hours and maintains a selected temperature from 50 °C to 70 °Electric heat lunchbox for employees and students, to enable them, to eat well-heated lunch. lunch box will develop indigenously, and new type related to the lunchbox. the lunch box is made of steel which is food-grade material.

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Best lunch box

stainless steel thermal lunch pail is indigenous, suit for everyone, maintain the taste of commodity, easy to use. It is battery operated. It can use anywhere. lunch box will change any unhealthy eating habit. Its cost is low and in excess of anybody. All this can be possible by having Electric heat lunch box. As explained above, Electric heat lunch box offers many benefits over the typical lunch box. It also does help in saving money on lunch meal and time saving for office staff with the increasing appeal of the home-made meal.

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