Time management and Time management Matrices

time management

Definition of time management or What is time management?

Time management “is a technique of organizing and utilization of time in specific activities to achieve your goal. Good time management allows you to work smarter not harder. So that you can do more in less time. Managing time is very important while doing a lot of work in a short time. if you are not managing your time, it damages effectiveness and causes stress.

Basically, we are managing our time to achieve the master goal of our life. Time management means to divide your daily work schedule into small time intervals to complete the whole work and to enhance the quality of work. It is also called time scheduling. By adopting some time management techniques, we can manage our time very well and produce more quality and quantity of work in a short time. These are some Benefits of time management.

Time Management Quotes

“Always spend time wisely as it is more important than money because time never comes back and money can be earned again”

“This is the key to better time management – to see the value of every moment”

why time management is important?

Time management is very important by managing our time we can complete our work in time with maintaining the quality of our work. We can increase productivity and efficiency by managing our time. Our order delay is minimal. Hence our lifestyle is also improving, and stress and anxiety will not come in our life. So, we get more time for leisure and recreation. Time management for students is also very important. Students can get a high grade in your exam by managing time.  These all the above lines showing the time management importance.

How to manage time wisely? Or How to manage time effectively?

we can manage our time by using different Time management strategies and by using some better time management tips

Create a specific goal.

It is very important to create a Specific Goal. When we create our Specific goal then we are clear about our vision and our different tasks. It is very helpful for us in managing our time frame.

Now we will discuss how we can manage our time frame accordingly to our goal.

prioritization of tasks

First, we priorities our important and unimportant task. For this purpose, first, we make a master plan and to-do list of our daily routine then try to complete the important tasks first and unimportant later in our spare time.


make a Master to-do list for time management.

Master to-do list is a parent or main list in which we write all our activities and share our time according to activities. In this list, we chose our major task wisely and allot to its time, wisely. In other words, at this point, we set our life goals and control our time wisely. 

make a Year’s to-do list for time optimization.

After making a master to-do list now we make a yearly to-do list. In this list, we arrange our time for a year wise. At this stage, we choose our yearly activities and responsibilities, then priorities these responsibilities cleverly and split our yearly time accordingly.

make a monthly to-do list for time managing.

A monthly to-do list is the same as a yearly to-do list. In which we manage our task and time wisely for a month

make a weekly to-do list of time management.

A weekly to-do list is like a yearly to-do list. In which we manage our task and time wisely for a week

make a daily to-do list to adjust our time table.

A daily to-do list is like a monthly to-do list. In which we manage our task and time wisely for a day. So, It is very important to make a to-do list. We can make some to-do list templates (links) in Ms. Word according to our requirements and save these to-do list templates for a long time and make some change after some time if required.

Time Management Tips

Manage ourselves (heart, brain, anger, etc.).

It is a very important key point, to manage ourselvesIf we fail to manage our selves in anger, worries and happiest moment then a lot of time will be wasted by overthinking these factors. So, it is very significant for time managing skills.


Find out time waster source.

We make a to-do list then it is very important to find the way or sources which waste our time. When we Find time wastage sources then try to avoid these time wastage sources. Use different types of filters and leaves bad habits that waste our time.

Take qualitative sleep.

It plays a vital rule in time optimization. If we are taking qualitative sleep then our sleep period is short So, we have more time for our work. If, we ignore this factor than our sleeping period increases hence more time is wasted due to a large time period of sleeping.

how to improve effective time management skills by using time management tools?

Time Management Matrix or 4 Quadrants of Time Management

The time management matrix plays a vital role in improving time management skills. time management matrix template is shown in fig

Time Management matrix

By using the Time Management App and Time Tracking Software

We can also manage our time by using different apps. These apps help us in making timetables, to-do lists and many more. only one click we can find different tables and to-do lists. we can also synchronize your account with these apps and can easily access our data everywhere.

Name of Top Five Time Management App is written Down

1 RescueTime

2 EverNote

3 wunderlist

4 Pocket

5 Pushbullet

By using time management games

If it is difficult for us to manage time, then we will try to adopt this habit with the help of different Games. THAT’S CLOSE AFTER SPECIFIC TIME .It is not a good practice because due to its maybe we are addicted to different games and too much time is waste.